You can buy Connecta baby and toddler carriers from your favourite shops – either online or in person! We work closely with our retailers to ensure that you can find a Connecta carrier in most parts of the UK and worldwide.

Koala Slings has the largest selection of Connecta carriers, in prints, Pure 100% organic cotton, Harris Tweed, Connecta Solars, and wrap versions.

Visit our trusted and authorised retailers to purchase your own Connecta carrier:


Koala Slings, Lake District –

All Mama’s Children, Birmingham –
Baba Jacks, Lancashire –
Babi Pur, Gwynedd –
EcoRoos, Derybshire –
Grow Up Green, Newcastle –
Koala Slings, Lake District –
Little Goat Gruff, Cornwall –
Little Possums, Derybshire –
Mama Sling, Halton –
SaSa Slings, Essex –
Slingtastic in Salisbury
Sling Spot, Sheffield –
South East Slings, Petersfield –
The London Sling Shop, London –
Tickety Boo, Orkney –
Wear My Baby, London –
Wear My Baby boutique, London – open Thursdays
Worthing Sling Library, Worthing –

Buik Tegen Buik –

EloBaby –

Bjornkram –
Knyt An –

Sneglehuset –

Anjung Ummu, Kelantan –